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The Immortal Customer

Today we carried out a full deep clean including deodorising and stain treatment for one of our eldest customers. Mrs Smith has been using our service for years now and she always calls upon us to keep her Carpets and Upholstery looking and smelling great. Her husband doesnt keep well unfortunately and requires carers due to his dementia. Mrs Smith also does to some extent too. She is however very sharp despite approaching an impressive 95. She still takes pride in herself and her home. For years now she has maintained her home whilst looking after her husband. Sayings like "Oh dont get old mate" and "I'm well past my sell by date" whilst shuffling from room to room keep us amused. We clean carpets for a lot of elderly people and take pride that a lot of these customer's sons and daughters trust us to be professional and do a good job. Our friendly nature and good online reputation is possibly why. 

We always say to Mrs Smith we will see her again soon, to which she always jokes "Oh I doubt I'll be about mate". 7 years she has been saying this. We wouldn't be suprised if she was still saying it in another 7 years. If you are looking for a trustworthy Carpet cleaner or Upholstery cleaner in Fife or Edinburgh, please Call us on 01383 725406 and we can look after that for you. 

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