A list of Stains we removed

This list may shock you.

Now is your chance to stop reading...it's kinda gross...final warning...you can click away to another page now!


This list is just off the top of my head in no particular order and I may have missed some out but here goes:

We have successfully removed -


Make Up - Mascara, fake tan etc

Dog Urine

Dog odour

Cat Urine

Cat Odour

Dog/Cat Faeces (You were warned!)

Human Urine/Faeces (It's not going to get worse than this...maybe)

Chewing Gum






Food stuffs

Sick - Human and animal

Nail polish




Shower gel

Play doh

Blue tack


Coffee & Tea


Vanish (Seriously...don't use this stuff)

Other chemicals and excess water poorer Carpet cleaners have left in a customers carpet.

Hopefully now that you have read this list, you don't feel embarrassed or nervous about asking us to clean a stain from your carpet. If it is possible for it to be removed, we will have the products and know how to remove it. We are your local Carpet cleaner in Dunfermline and we offer this service all over Fife, Edinburgh and Kinross. Don't hesitate to contact us for stain removal, even if you just want advice.

We are very discreet.

Maybe this image will help take your mind off the list?

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