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Incredible Rug Cleaning

We were called to a job this week as a few of the customers rugs were left looking seemingly ruined by a hapless gardener.

You can see above the rug was left in a terrible state.

We are very experienced in all types of rugs, carpets and have seen all types of stains.  

Firstly we did a thorough hoover on the rug to remove any loose soiling or dirt.

We pre sprayed any particularly bad stains then carried out a full hot water extraction.

We passed over the rug several times flushing out and extracting the dirt.

You can see here it was starting to look good again.

We managed to get the rug cleaner than is has been since it was bought said the customer and saved the gardener paying out for a new one.

We offer our services for rug cleaning in Dunfermline Fife and Kinross and if there are several or other items requiring cleaning this can be offered in Edinburgh.

Below is a full before and after photo of the rug.

As new and the colours are vibrant again!

If you are looking for a rug cleaner or carpet cleaner in Fife, contact us on 01383 725406 and rest assured of fantastic results.

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